Expression Pedal CV


Control your modular with a foot pedal!

This modules turns a guitar or keyboard expression pedal into a CV source so the pedal can be used to control a VCF, VCA, etc.

Works with TRS pedals (Moog, Roland, Yamaha, Boss, Dunlop) or RTS pedals (Korg, Behringer, Zoom). M-Audio, Digitech, EHS, Fatar, and Mooer pedals can switch between TRS and RTS.

A volume pedal could be used with the appropriate adapter cable.

See for more information about expression pedals and adapters.

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The RANGE control sets how wide the controller should sweep. Full left is the smallest range (no voltage change on pedal movement), and full right is the widest range (approximately 9V of CV change from lowest to highest pedal movement).

The CENTER control set where the sweep range starts and ends from heel-down on the expression pedal (lowest CV voltage) to toe-down (highest CV voltage).
Once a sweep range is set (for example, to 5V), the CENTER control changes where the CV voltage sweep begins and ends while maintaining the 5V sweep range.

If a wider voltage range or inverted response is needed, the output can be sent to the SCALE OFFSET module.

RANGE: 0V to 8V
CV LIMITS: -1V to 9V
Pedal CV voltage (on ring): 5V. Returns on tip.

Note:  Will require a stereo 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch cable or adapter.

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+12V Current


-12V Current