EuroTile 1U Tile Case


Run out of 1U Tile rows in your existing cases? Want to add a collection of utility modules to your tabletop setup? The EuroTile Case is a self-contained case for up to 12 1U Tiles in three rows (4 1U Tiles spaces per row.)

Top view showing the integrated power supply.  

The case contains a beefy bipolar power supply with distribution so that power headers are located directly underneath each 1U Tile. There are also two 10-pin Eurorack power headers.

Eurorack and 1U Tile power headers.

It is powered by a notebook power adapter (included), but any adapter providing 16V to 30V DC and over 2A can be used.

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Case includes power adapter and power cord. If you need a different power cord than what we have, you may need to find one locally or see if you have one that’s not being used. The socket on the power adapter is the very common IEC C6 (right, on image below) which requires an IEC C5 power cord (left on image below).

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Case Specifications

  • Size: 14cm wide x 14.5cm deep x 7cm high
  • Weight: ~500g (filled with modules)
  • 1U Tile Depth: 30mm
  • 1U Tile Power Connectors: Polarized pin headers for Futaba-J “Tile Tails”
  • # of 1U Tile spaces: 12 in 4 columns x 3 rows
  • Power Supply:
    • 16V to 30V DC, at least 2A. (Designed to use 19V notebook power adapter)
    • Typical current draw (filled case): ~200mA
    • 2.1mm DC connector (2.5mm plugs also may me used), center positive.
    • Included power supply works in all countries.
    • +12V rail 1.2A (max continuous: 2A)
    • -12V rail 0.7A (max continuous: 1.2A)

Additional information

Weight750 g
Dimensions16 × 16 × 12 cm