Dirt Distortion


Adds mild warmth to crushing overdrive to Eurorack audio.

Two types of distortion:

SOFT: Tube-like soft distortion with even harmonics.

Soft clipping. Input signal is sinewave.
Soft clipping harmonics.

HARD: Clips the tops and bottoms of the waveform. Even and Odd harmonics.

Hard clipping. Input signal is sinewave.
Hard clipping harmonics.

Hackable! Replace the installed clipping diodes with other types of diodes or even LEDs for your own unique sounds. A capacitor controlling “slew” can also be changed. (NOTE: Requires desoldering and soldering surface-mount components.)

DRIVE: Amount of distortion.

LEVEL: Output level adjustment.

SOFT/HARD Switch: Type of distortion.

IN: Audio input. Eurorack levels.

Out: Eurorack output: Input level to 10Vp-p (full gain.)

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+12V Current


-12V Current