Tile Power Row

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Power a row of 1U Tiles up to any size with a power connector under each tile.

The 1U Tile row will be completely assembled to your specifications to fit your case exactly. Just attach to your case and connect power with the included 10 or 16 pin power cable.

If you want single power strips or just the PCB then go here: https://syinsi.com/shop/pcbpanelkits/tile-power-strip/

Use this calculator to figure out how many outlets you will need:

For multiple rows create a different configuration and add to your cart.

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  • Each strip powers 4 tiles from a 10-pin Eurorack power connector.
  • Puts a Tile power connector under each tile.
  • Additional power filtering on both rails.
  • Chainable to any length.
  • Can be cut to length.
  • 3.2mm mounting holes for an M3 bolt or screw.
  • Power connectors can be Futaba-J tails or polarized headers.

Additional information

Weight21 g
Dimensions6 × 2 × 2 cm