DSP-G1 Eurorack Synthesizer


Euro-G1The Euro-G1 is an all-in-one Eurorack synthesizer built around the DSP-G1 synthesizer chip by DSP Synthesizer.

The DSP-G1 is a complete analog modelling synthesizer with 15 DCOs structured as 5 note paraphonic with a 24db lowpass filter with resonance, amplifier and filter envelopes, and an LFO.

The Euro-G1 breaks out all parameters for the DSP-G1 and puts them in a 20hp Eurorack module with MIDI + CV/GATE and CV control of most functions.


The result is a complete monophonic (CV/GATE) or polyphonic (MIDI) synthesizer — no patching necessary (unless you want to).


Euro-G1 Building Guide

Resources BOM CODE Fixes Corrections to the PCB: Place large capacitors on the back of the PCB (yellow). MAKE SURE ORIENTATION IS CORRECT. Do not install items crossed-off in red. Component value changes are in red. Cut trace on rear-bottom of PCB. Make note of the jumpers (orange), and while soldering components use the appropriate...

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