CV Touch Keyboard Tile

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The CV Touch Keyboard fits a 5 Octave latching keyboard into 3 tiles.

  • 10-pin Eurorack Power
  • 12-bit DAC
  • Latch
  • 5 Octave keyboard


The module uses multipoint tuning which tunes to each octave and then interpolates the tuning for all notes between those octaves.

But because the lowest and highest limits are right at the end of the opamp/DAC limits we tune the lowest and highest to the closest tunable notes, which are C#0 and B4. The lowest/highest values are then interpolated so tuning is accurate even if it runs beyond the rails (except for the highest and lowest notes).

  • Connect the module to a known-accurate oscillator or oscillator/multimeter.
  • Simultaneously touch LATCH, UP, and DOWN to enter tuning mode.
  • LEDs will flash, then LATCH LED will “breathe” when in tuning mode.
    • Octave display shows which octave is currently being tuned.
    • Press F note (center key) to advance through octaves.
    • Press Octave UP and DOWN to tune. Hold for large changes.
    • Tune 1st position to .083V or C#0
    • 1st – 1V or C1
    • 2nd – 2V or C2
    • 3rd – 3V or C3
    • 4th – 4V or C4
    • 5th (OCTAVE LIGHT WILL GO OUT) – 4.9167V or B4
    • Cycle starts over.
    • Simultaneously touch LATCH, UP, and DOWN to reset to defaults (roughly tuned) while in tuning mode.
  • Press LATCH to save to EEPROM and exit. Settings will be restored upon each powerup.

Get it here: CV Touch Keyboard Tile

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