CV Clock Divider

CV Clock Divider for EurorackThis clock divider uses a control to select a single clock division ratio. The clock can be controlled manually, or with CV control. Responds to START/STOP and RESET for full automated control.

CV Clock Divider for EurorackFeatures and Specs:

-12 divisions from /1 to /96 assuming 24ppqn, but can divide any clock source.
-Clock division CV (0-5V) controlled.
-Manual or 5V gate-controlled start/stop.
-Voltage trigger/clock/gate output (v-trig), and shorting trigger (s-trig) output. Can also act as a v-trig to s-trig converter.
-Clock, Start/Stop, and Reset for DIN Sync.
-6 HP Eurorack
-Depth: 40mm
-Power: 10-pin Eurorack DIP
-Current: 12V:15ma
-Panel: 2mm powder coated aluminum.
-AtTiny85 based, Arduino-compatible source code included (here).



CV Clock Divider available DIY or Assembled


1 100nF Ceramic Disc Capacitor
1 10uF Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
1 100uF Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
2 100R Resistors
5 1K Resistors
6 10K Resistors
Atmega AtTiny85-20 DIL Microcontroller
2 2N3904 NPN Transistors
7805L TO92 5v 100ma Power Regulator
1 1n4007 Diode
4 5.6V Zener Diodes (1n4734)
1 1n4148 Diode
1 10kB Potentiometer 16mm or 9mm PCB mount
6mm LED + bezel.
5×2 Header (Eurorack Power) unshrouded
6 3.5mm Kobiconn-style sockets with lugs
1 SPDT On-On subminiature toggle switch.
DIL08 Socket

Build Instructions: CVClockDivider-Info-and-Build-Instructions.pdf

CV Clock Divider Promo Sheet


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