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New Syinsi 5U (1U+3U+1U) Tabletop Eurorack Case

Based on feedback from our all-1U Tile case we have developed another tabletop 1U Tile case, this time with 42HP of space for Eurorack modules as well as 14 1U-Tile spaces, and a more DIY-friendly design.

Preliminary Specs:

  •  Tabletop format with 42 HP of Eurorack space and 14 1U Tile space in two rows.
  • Built-in power supply: +12V 1.5A, +5V 1.5A, -12V .7A. Powered from external notebook power supply (supplied in most configurations).
  • Power under each module with 1U Tile, 10-pin, and 16-pin power plugs.
  • Under 1.2 kg empty.
  • 21 HP with 28.5mm depth clearance measured from from under panel (on left side over power supply), and 21HP with 50.5mm depth clearance from under panel (on right side).
  • External dimensions: 7 cm high, 22.6 cm wide, and 22.8 cm deep.
  • Made from Baltic Birch plywood and readily-available rails.
  • Designed for easy assembly and finishing, including space for Tolex, fabric, or vinyl wraps. (The cases pictured here were lacquered.)

Development is ongoing.

It should be available late 2019 in three versions:

  1. A complete turn-key system ready for modules.
  2. A DIY kit with prebuilt and tested power PCBs and all parts included.  Very little soldering required.
  3. A bare-bones kit with case panels and bare PCBs. Full BOM and instructions will be provided.  Parts packages optionally available.

Pricing to be determined.

Prototypes will be on display at Knobcon 2019.

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