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New Clock Tiles

Four new Clock utility modules in 1U tile format are now available.

A discounted bundle is also available for putting tiles into a Eurorack case without a tile row.

Clock Tile Modules:

Clock Tiles

Four clock utility modules for Eurorack 1u tiles.

Clock Generator: Generates 24 PPQN or 4 PPQN clocks. Clock rate can be CV controlled. Has Start/Stop and tap-tempo.

Clock Divider: Divides clock down by odd or even multiples (selectable). Middle jack can be configured as a CV input or Reset.

Clock Multiplier: Creates higher rate clock signal based on input clock. Middle jack can be configured as CV input or Ratchet gate.

MIDI Clock: Converts MIDI clock to 24 PPQN clock and Start/Stop.


Tile Noob Bundle:

Tile Bundle

Everything needed to get tiles into your existing rack.


  • 10HP Tile Carrier. Fits three tiles.
  • 6 Tile Power Adapter. Powers up to 6 tiles from a 10 or 16 pin Eurorack power supply. Includes cable.
  • Clock Divider Tile.


Get them here:

Clock Generator

  • 24 (Sync24 / DIN Sync) or 4 PPQN clock outputs. 5ms pulse width.
  • 10 to 260 BPM @ 24PPQN.
  • +5V clock/gate/tap/START/CV in and outs.
  • Start gate input to externally control clock generation. START jack is normalled to run clock generator if no jack is inserted.
  • Tap tempo through CV input jack. 5V positive trigger. Can be permanently configured for tap-tempo or on the fly by holding button (5V into CV jack) for two seconds. When using tap-tempo the knob adjusts the rate.
  • Can be configured to send a RESET to external sequencers.
  • Configured through jumpers and software (restored upon startup.)

Clock Divider

  • 24 (Sync24 / DIN Sync) clock inputs and outputs. 5ms pulse width. Works with any type of clock, but calculations done assuming a 24 PPQN clock.
  • Configurable for odd and even clock outs, just even clocks, or purely mathematical divisions.
  • RESET input to restart clocks with external sequencer.
  • Division ratio can be CV controlled. 0-5V range.
  • Configured through jumpers and software (restored upon startup.)

Clock Multiplier

  • Multiplies incoming clock or trigger up to 24x.
  • 5ms pulse width on output.
  • Maximum around 300 BPM @ 24PPQN (limited by 5ms clock pulse.)
  • Ratchet gate input. Activates multiplier on a 5v positive gate, otherwise clock output mirrors input. Normalled on when no cable inserted.
  • +5V clock and gate in and outs.

Midi Clock

  • 24 PPQN (Sync24 / DIN Sync) clock out. 5ms pulse width.
  • START/STOP gate out responds to MIDI START, STOP, and CONTINUE.
  • Clock out always sends a clock as long as the MIDI input is receiving a clock.
  • +5v clock and gate outs.
  • LED shows MIDI activity.




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