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New DIY EuroTile Case for 1U Tiles

The EuroTile case has been redesigned to be easily DIY’d with common hand tools. Construction requires only glue and clamps. We spent a lot of time and built countless variants to come up with a case that has a great fit and finish but is very easy to build by anyone. Instructions here.

The kit includes all the hardware required to build the case, and optionally a pre-built power PCB for solderless construction. 

Pre-built PCB
Bare PCB
(tools not included)

The case is made from high grade Baltic birch plywood that can be varnished, lacquered, stained, dyed, painted, etc.

The specs are identical to the original EuroTile case:

  • Holds up to 12 1U Tiles.
  • Power header under each module.
  • Two Eurorack 10-pin power headers.
  • Ample passive ventilation.
  • Dropped-screw clean-out hole.
  • Standard 2.1mm power connector and switch.
  • Beefy internal power supply.
  • Powder-coated rails with holes for M3 machine-screws (included).
New DIY case and original EuroTile case

Full Specifications:

  • Size: 15cm wide x 14.7cm deep x 6cm high
  • Weight: ~500g (filled with modules)
  • 1U Tile Depth: 30mm
  • 1U Tile Power Connectors: Polarized pin headers for Futaba-J “Tile Tails”
  • # of 1U Tile spaces: 12 in 4 columns x 3 rows
  • Power Supply:
    • 16V to 30V DC, at least 2A (Designed to use 19V notebook power adapter)
    • Typical current draw (filled case): ~200mA
    • 2.1mm DC connector (2.5mm plugs also may me used), center positive
    • Included power supply works in all countries
    • +12V rail 1.2A
    • -12V rail 0.7A

Now Available

in a number of configurations from $30.