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New 1U Tiles for May

We’ve been busy over the past few months and have a slew of unique new 1U Tiles, and more on the way.

VCLPF – Self-Resonant Low Pass Filter

Voltage controlled 4-pole low-pass filter with resonance. Replaces our 2-pole VCF (a standalone 4-pole Band Pass filter will also be out soon.)

Built on the SSI2140 filter IC, a reissue of the famous SSM2040. Can be overdriven just like the original. Q Compensation to keep output level consistent at high or low resonance.

By popular demand: self-resonant and V/Oct tunable! Trimmer on back to adjust scaling.  It’s a VCF not a VCO so don’t expect it to replace a proper VCO. Accuracy about  ±5 cents across a few octaves.

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VCO DEUX – Saw and Tri Analog VCO

The Classic VCO — updated.  Includes both SAW and TRIANGLE waveforms.

10 Octaves in tune ± 3 cents. Low drift and high thermal stability.

Scale trimmer on front panel for easy adjustment. High frequency tracking on back.

Based on the SSI2130 IC.

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DIRT – Distortion/Overdrive

Adds mild warmth to crushing overdrive to Eurorack audio.

Two types of distortion:

SOFT: Tube-like soft distortion with even harmonics.

Soft clipping. Input signal is sinewave.


Soft clipping harmonics.



HARD: Clips the tops and bottoms of the waveform. Even and Odd harmonics.

Hard clipping. Input signal is sinewave.


Hard clipping harmonics.


Hackable! Replace the installed clipping diodes with other types of diodes or even LEDs for your own unique sounds. A capacitor controlling “slew” can also be changed. (NOTE: Requires desoldering and soldering surface-mount components.)

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SOUND OUT – Speaker, Headphone, Line Driver

Get sound out of your Eurorack system.

Built-in 1W speaker.

Powerful headphone amplifier.

Line-out variable from consumer-level to +4dBu professional-level.

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EXPRESSION PEDAL CV – Expression Pedal Interface

Control your modular with a foot pedal!

This modules turns a guitar or keyboard expression pedal into a CV source so the pedal can be used to control a VCF, VCA, etc.

Range and Center controls fine-tune the pedal to the ideal CV response.

Works with TRS pedals (Moog, Roland, Yamaha, Boss, Dunlop) or RTS pedals (Korg, Behringer, Zoom). M-Audio, Digitech, EHS, Fatar, and Mooer pedals can switch between TRS and RTS.

A volume pedal could be used with the appropriate adapter cable.

See for more information about expression pedals and adapters.

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INSTRUMENT INPUT – Instrument (Guitar, Bass) Interface

Converts “instrument level” devices like guitars to Eurorack levels.

It also has a buffered “return” output with gain to send the input signal back into the signal chain.

Return be used as a “buffered boost” for returning a clean guitar signal back to the pedal board at a higher level for overdriving the next pedal.

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All are in stock and available now.  Get Them Here!