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The EuroTile Case for 1U Tiles

EuroTile is a complete, compact modular instrument built around the popular 1U Tile format.

1U Tiles are small modules typically used with the Eurorack modular format to add utilities in rows across a modular system. We use 1U Tiles to create all of the modules found in a modular system, such as VCOs, VCFs, etc.

Now a complete modular synthesizer can be made entirely with compact and inexpensive 1U Tiles.

The main component is an elegant and durable case fitting up to 12 1U Tiles.

Top view showing the integrated power supply.

The case contains a beefy bipolar power supply with distribution so that power headers are located directly underneath each 1U Tile. There are also two 10-pin Eurorack power headers.

Eurorack and 1U Tile power headers.

It is powered by a notebook power adapter (included), but any adapter providing 16V to 30V DC and over 2A can be used.

The power supply is very efficient and multiple EuroTiles can run off of a notebook power bank for hours.

The Case

The case is built from lasercut and machined masonite, sealed on all surfaces with acrylic, and then finished with a durable textured enamel surface.

The top mounting bracket is machined from Aluminum and tapped for M3 machine-screws. It’s powder-coated with a tough textured finish.

There is plenty of passive ventilation for the power supplies and modules. A hole is also provided to clear any dropped screws. Rubber feet ensure it stays where it’s supposed to even during the most intense wiggling sessions.

The high-efficiency switching power supply provides a 1.2A +12V rail and a 700mA -12V rail without barely getting warm. It can easily provide twice that if required, but a full compliment of 1U Tiles will draw much, much less. Indicators let you know the status of both rails independently. It’s protected from short circuits and reversed polarity on both the input (power adapter) side and output (1U Tile) side.

Each 1U Tile has its own power connector directly underneath it. The power connectors are design to prevent plugging the module backwards. Several locations can fit deep tiles of up to 30mm.

  •  Power header under each module.
  • Two Eurorack 10-pin power headers.
  • Ample passive ventilation.
  • Dropped-screw clean-out hole.
  • Standard 2.1mm power connector and switch.
  • Power adapter included.
  • Beefy internal power supply.
  • Durable enamel finish.
  • Powder-coated rails with holes for M3 machine-screws (included).

Case Specifications

  • Size: 14cm wide x 14.5cm deep x 7cm high
  • Weight: ~500g (filled with modules)
  • 1U Tile Depth: 30mm
  • 1U Tile Power Connectors: Polarized pin headers for Futaba-J “Tile Tails”
  • # of 1U Tile spaces: 12 in 4 columns x 3 rows
  • Power Supply:
    • 16V to 30V DC, at least 2A. (Designed to use 19V notebook power adapter)
    • Typical current draw (filled case): ~200mA
    • 2.1mm DC connector (2.5mm plugs also may me used), center positive.
    • Included power supply works in all countries.
    • +12V rail 1.2A (max continuous: 2A)
    • -12V rail 0.7A (max continuous: 1.2A)

Who is it for?

  • Modular owners – Put some utility modules at hand and save valuable hp-space.  
  • Laptop/Tabletop/DJs – Add exactly what you need for your setup. Sync incompatible clocks, convert control voltages, build an analog synth voice…
  • Beginners and the modularcurious – Dip your feet into modular synthesizer without going over your head or over your budget. When time comes to expand everything you have can be used with your shiny new Eurorack system.
  • Teachers/learners – Teach or lean the basics of analog synthesis without overload.
  • Keyboard players and other musicians – A voice of modular analog synthesis in reach.
  • Guitar players – The ultimate crazy pedal.

 What can you do with it?

  • LEARN the basics of analog synthesis.
  • EXPAND the capabilities of your existing equipment.
  • CREATE new instruments and new sounds.
  • TRAVEL with your modular synth anywhere and everywhere.


  • Small – bring it anywhere.  
  • Low power – run several off one power adapter, or even a power bank.
  • Easy – Each module has only what’s necessary.  
  • Powerful – Connect anything to whatever.  
  • Modular – Build the instrument you need.
  • Customizable – put modules where you need them.
  • Expandable – choose from a large variety of modules from many makers – or make your own.
  • Compatible – use them with any other Eurorack modular or case that uses 1U Tiles.
  • Inexpensive – Get a complete synth for the cost of a single Eurorack module.

Compatible with all “Pulp Logic” 1U Tiles

Developing the Eurotile Case

Our first case was a DIY kit. After receiving a lot of feedback from our DIY case builders,  we started the process of building what became the EuroTile Case. Much of 2018 was spent testing and developing various iterations of design. We have built numerous prototypes in various formats before settling on its final form and function.We devoted a lot of time to the power supply to ensure no matter what 1U Tiles are installed there will be plenty of current.  We tried many varieties of surface finishings before choosing the elegant and durable finish it now has.

Improvements from the previous case:

  • Lower profile. Sleeker looks and easier to mount tiles.
  • More powerful and efficient power supply
  • Headers for power connector instead of Tile Tails.
  • Almost all exposed seams hidden.
  • Aluminum top rails instead of captive-nuts.
  • Many, many more minor improvements.

More about 1U Tiles

1U Tiles are small Eurorack modules. Instead of being 3U tall like Eurorack, they are 1U tall. Typically they are used for small utility modules added to 1U Tile rows above or below 3U rows.

Eurorack system with 1U Tile row in middle.

They were invented by Pulp Logic and you can read more about them on their site here:

We wrote a FAQ here:

There are many companies making 1U Tiles, and the number of 1U Tiles themselves are growing. A great place to see what’s available is on Modular Grid (not all 1U Tiles are compatible – check the FAQ.)

See and Hear

To help fund production we are running a Kickstarter campaign. We don’t rely on offshore or contract-manufacturers, but build our products ourselves. This requires that we have on-hand the tooling and components we need to build these cases.

By purchasing materials in bulk direct from the manufacturer we can greatly reduce the overall cost. By owning our manufacturing equipment and tooling we can build what we need at the time we need it instead of having to order large amounts and then carry a large inventory.

To compliment the case we’re also offering as reward tiers two different configurations of cases with 10 1U Tiles already installed (and at a large discount from retail.) 

Monosynth configuration, empty case, and utilities configuration.

What do you get?

Included with each system:

  • The Case
  • Power Adapter with US, EU, UK plug

And optionally with:

  • 12 patch cables
  • 10 Modules installed in case 

You can choose two different configurations: 

  • Analog Monosynth – A complete modular synth voice. Perfect for learning, adding on to a system, or just having fun.
  • Modular Utilities – expand your modular, desktop, or keyboard setups with a variety of CV, Gate, Trigger, and Clock utilities.
Slider image


Slider image


Slider image

Includes power supply and patch cables


  • Case
  • Power Adapter
  • 12 Patch Cables

Installed Modules:

  • Sawtooth VCO
  • VCF
  • VCA
  • Envelop Generator
  • 2 LFOs
  • CV Mixer
  • Sample and Hold / Noise Generator
  • Multiple (Signal Clone)
  • CV Shift/Scale


  • Case
  • Power Adapter
  • 12 Patch Cables

Installed Modules:

  • Clock Generator
  • Clock Divider
  • Clock Multiplier
  • Gate and Trigger Generators
  • LFO
  • CV Mixer
  • Sample and Hold / Noise Generator
  • Multiple (Signal Clone)
  • CV Shift/Scale
  • Pedal Interface

$99 USD

MSRP: $149 USD

Save $50

$499 USD

MSRP: $760 USD

Save more than $260

$499 USD

MSRP: $760 USD

Save more than $260

(Prices will be in Canadian dollars so there will be some variance in the final pricing depending on the exchange rate – but these are the price points we’re aiming for.)

Kickstarter is NOW LIVE!

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