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Inkscape Eurorack Panel Design Extension

Eurorack Panel Design Extension for InkscapeThe Eurorack Panel Design Extension for Inkscape helps design Eurorack front panels for artwork or CNC/lasercutting.

Select the HP, panel size calculation method, round or oval holes, and whether the hole centers should be marked.

There’s two methods used for calculating the offset gap. Doepfer-style adds a fixed value (.36mm initial setting) gap on the right side of then panel. On Doepfer panels this varies depending on HP, but averages at around .36mm. The left-side uses 7.5mm spacing. Symmetrical uses the same 7.5mm spacing on the right side as on the left side. Doepfer-style has a wee tad more of a gap but for all intents and purposes there’s not much difference between the two.

“Mark Centers” draws drill targets for hand punching or drilling.

To install, unarchive and copy and EurorackPanelDesigner.inx to Inkscape’s “extensions” directory (usually in inkscape/share/extensions in the install directory).

Extension will show up in Inkscape under Extensions->Render->Eurorack Panel Designer.

Source is on Github:

Download latest version: