1u Tile Skiff Case


By popular demand, an (almost) complete kit for the standalone 1U tile case. This case is completely redesigned for better fit, easier removal of modules, smaller profile, better cooling, etc. Also has a custom PCB with individual power to each tile.

Includes all lasercut pieces, and power supply PCB. All you need are a handful of M3 machine screws and nuts, components and hardware for the power supply, as 12VAC power adapter, and some glue. BOM.

Holds the equivalent of 12 “Pulp Logic” type 1U Tiles. Power provided under each tile for convenient and mess-free wiring. Up to 1A on each power rail.

Also available pre-built and tested.


  • Three rows of 4 1U Tiles
  • Powered by common 12VAC adapter (not included)
  • Up to 1A +12V and 1A -12V rails
  • 13.5cm wide x 14cm deep x 6cm high
  • Easily painted

Build guide here: http://syinsi.com/projects/building-the-3×4-tile-case/



Additional information

Weight280 g
Dimensions15 x 15 x 4 cm
Product Type