STOMPER is a drum generator for Eurorack that uses an unfiltered square-wave oscillator. Quickly sweeping the oscillator results in a satisfying high-q-sounding zip and thud due to all the crazy harmonics. All inputs can be CV controlled (0-5V), including the built-in clock-divider. It uses standard 10 pin +12/-12 power, drawing a paltry 30mA. It’s triggered […]

CV Clock Divider

This clock divider uses a control to select a single clock division ratio. The clock can be controlled manually, or with CV control. Responds to START/STOP and RESET for full automated control. Features and Specs: -12 divisions from /1 to /96 assuming 24ppqn, but can divide any clock source. -Clock division CV (0-5V) controlled. -Manual […]

Clock Divider Tile

This clock divider uses a control to select a single clock division ratio and fits in a single tile. Features and Specs: -12 divisions from /1 to /96 assuming 24ppqn, but can divide any clock source. -Depth: 40mm -Power: 10-pin Eurorack DIP -Current: 12V:15ma -Panel: PCB with silkscreen. -AtTiny85 based, Arduino-compatible source code included (here). […]


    Snippet ** References ** D0/RX - Expansion pin 10 (MIDI IN) D1/TX - Expansion pin 12 (MIDI OUT/THRU) D2 - Clock (digital input or output) D3 - Trigger/Gate 1 (digital input or output) D4 - Trigger/Gate 2 (digital input or output) D5 - Expansion D6 - Expansion D7 - Expansion D8 - Expansion D9 - Expansion D10 - USED (DAC SS) D11 - USED (DAC MISO) D12 - RESERVED (MOSI) D13 - USED (DAC SCK) A0 - Control 1 A1 - Control 2 A2 […]

Building the Euclidean

NOTES FOR NEW PCB: The new PCB has the name “Euclid2-31” on the back top right corner of the PCB. The only differences are: BAT54S instead of transistors on the outputs. Circuitry for 3 analog/digital inputs or digital outputs, including jacks. These are wired to A5, A6, and A7 through previous expansion port (which is […]

Dual CV Scale/Offset

Schematic: BOM: Instructions: Clean PCB with isopropyl alcohol. Solder surface-mount components, then through-hole components. Solder the pots, jacks, and power-header. Inspect soldering for shorts, and check that there is no continuity between the outer power pins and the inner pins, and with each other. Power the module, add a low voltage LFO signal to the […]

SDIY PCB Adapter

I’ve been building Eurorack modules from PCB layouts found online, but was never happy with the spaghetti wiring and panel mounting difficulties. Not to mention the problem of troubleshooting when all the pots, jacks, toggles, and switches are flopping about willy nilly. The boards are mounted to the front panel with the pots, so the […]

CV Touch Keyboard Tile

Now Available The CV Touch Keyboard fits a 5 Octave latching keyboard into 3 tiles. 10-pin Eurorack Power 12-bit DAC Latch 5 Octave keyboard Tuning: The module uses multipoint tuning which tunes to each octave and then interpolates the tuning for all notes between those octaves. But because the lowest and highest limits are right […]

Clock 1u Tiles

  Three Four clock utility modules for Eurorack 1u tiles. Clock Generator: Generates 24 PPQN or 4 PPQN clocks. Clock rate can be CV controlled. Has Start/Stop and tap-tempo. Clock Divider: Divides clock down by odd or even multiples (selectable). Middle jack can be configured as a CV input or Reset. Clock Multiplier: Creates higher […]

Building the MINIaudioMIXER Tile

Notes: If A10K (“audio” or log) pots aren’t handy, there’s a 2K logarizing™ resistor between the wiper and ground which will let you use a B10K linear pot instead. If you’re using A10K pots then jumper the 2K pads with a blob of solder or 0K resistor. The 1N4007s in the schematic and silkscreen are […]

Building the 12V Power Supply

Schematic and BOM here:

Building the 3x4 DIY 1U Tile Case

Notes: READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING. Use a PVA type glue, like wood glue, Weldbond, Elmer’s, etc. Apply sparingly and clamp 10 minutes to set. Allow 24 hours to cure completely before sanding, painting, installing modules. Work on a clean, flat surface. The work surface can be used to align parts. Power supply requires a 12V […]

Building the Tube Overdrive

Notes: Almost all component values have changed since the PCB was manufactured. See diagram below for changes. Circuit based on the Mitsumin Valvecaster, specifically the “6111 Sub Caster”. This PCB also has components added for many of the popular modifications. Tons of info here. Power regulator needs a heat-sink. A simple clip-on worked fine, but […]

Building the VCF Tile

Notes: The following picture shows where values are changed from what’s printed on the PCB (in yellow). The 330 and 240 ohm resistors labelled below control the resonance gain, and are very tweakable. Some other values are on the schematic. These 330/240 values seem to work best. 2n7002 MOSFETs are optional. They provide a less […]

Building the VCA Tile

Notes: The following picture shows where values are changed from what’s printed on the PCB (in yellow). The circuit is a mostly faithful copy of the Sims 13700 VCA as described in his paper. Component values changed for a 0-5V CV range.   BOM: Schematic: Build Instructions: If necessary, separate panels carefully by gently flexing […]
DSP-G1 Eurorack Synthesizer


The Euro-G1 is an all-in-one Eurorack synthesizer built around the DSP-G1 synthesizer chip by DSP Synthesizer. The DSP-G1 is a complete analog modelling synthesizer with 15 DCOs structured as 5 note paraphonic with a 24db lowpass filter with resonance, amplifier and filter envelopes, and an LFO. The Euro-G1 breaks out all parameters for the DSP-G1 […]