1u tile adapter for eurorack

1u Tile Carrier Eurorack Adapter

I wanted to add a few 1u tiles to a new rack, and after a bit of experimentation came up with this little 10hp 1u tile carrier eurorack adapter.To fit the most tiles in the smallest space it was necessary to put them on the side. Only two vertical tiles would fit in a 3u space, and a lot of … Continue reading
eurorack panels

Finishing Aluminum Eurorack Panels

Aluminum is a soft metal that needs to be "finished" for appearance and durability. "Raw" aluminum that hasn't been finished scratches easily and collects fingerprints and grease. Here's a quick and relatively simple method for finishing aluminum Eurorack panels with a scouring pad (and help from a … Continue reading

Stomper Eurorack Drum Module

The Hammer of God tabletop drum module is now a Eurorack drum module.All inputs can be CV controlled (0-5V), including the built-in clock-divider. It uses standard 10 pin +12/-12 power, drawing a paltry 30mA.It's triggered by sync-24 clock, trigger/gate, or button press. It has a handy gate … Continue reading

DIY Eurorack Case

Need a smallish Eurorack case with rails? Have access to a laser cutter that can cut 6mm hardboard or acrylic? This DIY Eurorack case is quick and simple.The case was designed a while ago to hold a few modules for testing without taking up too much room on a crowded bench or desk.It's … Continue reading