DIY Standalone Tile Case

DIY Standalone 1U Tile Case

It happens to everyone: Too many tiles and not enough tile rows.Here's a standalone Eurorack 1U Tile case for up to 12 tiles made exclusively out of hardboard and a handful of M3 nuts. File for laser cutting is here: "rails" are … Continue reading

New Eurorack Tiles Now Available

Four new Clock utility modules in 1U tile format are now available.A discounted bundle is also available for putting tiles into a Eurorack case without a tile row. Clock Tile Modules:Four clock utility modules for Eurorack 1u tiles.Clock Generator: Generates 24 PPQN or 4 PPQN clocks. … Continue reading

Cadsoft Eagle Tips and Tricks

Some Cadsoft Eagle tips and tricks that don't appear elsewhere.Forums: Element14, Eagle Central Add text with >DRAWING_NAME on the PCB to automatically store the text name (which contains the version number if you're saving files that way) on the PCB to know exactly what … Continue reading